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Maryann’s initial approach is a frank discussion of all a patient's symptoms in order to make sense of how all the symptoms relate to each other to create a pattern of disharmony. The objective is to treat the root cause of the problem. Our internal landscape of bodily systems is intimately connected, one organ to another, one meridian to another. Maryann addresses the harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine effectively treat chronic and debilitating conditions including gastrointestinal, urinary, gynecological and circulatory disorders, as well as problems with bones, muscles and joints, emotional disorders, addiction withdrawal, and eye, ear, nose and throat disorders.

Problems in the body arise when the flow of Qi is obstructed. Qi (pronounced chee, as in t’ai chi) is the life force, the universal energy flow within the body identified by the ancient Chinese.


Hair thin needles are placed in points along energy pathways called meridians. These meridians correspond with organs and these pathways connect with and balance one another. Qi flows along these pathways. The dominant function of acupuncture is to regulate the circulation of Qi and blood through the meridians. Wherever Qi get stuck or is obstructed, there is pain or a disturbance causing illness. Acupuncture was developed over the centuries as a system to remove blockages and restore harmony and the free flow of energy through the body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are potent and effective in treating all internal disharmonies and external skin conditions. Many of our pharmaceuticals today are derived from herbal compounds with the addition of many chemicals that cause side effects. Chinese Herbal Medicine, if prescribed correctly has few or no side effects. There are hundreds of herbal combinations to address a specific set of symptoms and they are prescribed according to a person’s unique constitution. Instead of a shotgun approach, Chinese herbs are tailored to a patient’s disorder.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet is an essential component of Chinese Medicine and is discussed at length with each patient. Different foods are prescribed for various conditions and a food plan is suggested to best treat each unique disorder. Is the patient hot or cold, yin or yang, excess or deficient? These are some of the principles of Chinese Medicine which Maryann applies. There are many misconceptions out there so let's clear them up!

Stress Management

I cannot emphasize enough how important stress reduction is to one's overall well-being and health. There have been many reports on the negative effects of stress on heart disease, weight control, hormone balance and the aging process itself. Sleeplessness, chronic anxiety, palpitations, digestive disorders, and skin disorders can all be effects of not managing stress. Acupuncture is such an effective modality for reducing stress, along with mindfulness meditation and healthy eating habits. I will guide you in these area's so that you will be on your way towards a less overwhelmed, more peaceful you!

Facial Rejuvenation

Lastly, Maryann is trained in the art of Facial Rejuvenation to improve muscle tone and clarity to the face. The placement of hair thin needles to the meridians in the face increases local circulation of blood and lymph and improves hormonal balance to bring forth one's innate beauty!

Treat yourself to this wonderful treatment and notice the difference in the tone and quality of your skin!

Session Rates

$125.00 for the first session, $110.00 per follow-up session.

We accept credit cards, Zelle payments, checks and cash.