What former and current patients are saying:

“I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and could hardly walk. Now I can walk with much less discomfort and I stand a lot straighter. I still come for treatments because my wife says I’m a nicer person when I come back from seeing Maryann.” — D. Novotny, retired minister

“I came to Maryann to be treated for sciatica. I had severe pain in my leg and hip everyday until my first treatment, what a relief! I was able to finally sleep again without waking to pain and the next day I could walk and even exercise without the shooting pain. Massage and chiropractic care gave me temporary relief, but nothing lasted. Working with Maryann McCarthy finally gave me long-term relief.” — Marilyn Askin, Teacher, Mother of 3 children

“Our family has been blessed by Maryann's skill in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has treated both acute and chronic conditions, returning us to health. Early on, thinking the results might be "all in my mind", I asked her to treat a very stubborn skin condition in my boys which I knew my dermatology colleagues would treat with minor surgery and expect it to recur chronically. Her treatment was painless, effective and neither boy (now men) has experienced recurrence - ever (more than 15 years later).” — Garland S. Alcock, M.D., Chatham, MA

“Having acupuncture done by Dr. McCarthy was like spending the day at the beach. I would go to her feeling like a broken doll, every joint ached, my asthma was giving me trouble, and I was so stressed. After spending time with her and a lot of those wonderful little needles, everything felt better. I actually used the entire day to let the after effects soothe me. I was always amazed at how she knew just where to put the needles to do the best job. On top of all that, the head and neck massage were to die for. The hardest thing for me to endure is that she moved to FL so I can’t enjoy her skills anymore.” — Carole Miller